For many years, I was the person who organized other people, projects, and things. Most of the time that "organizing" revolved around the visual: documentary films, motion graphics, the elements of interior design as captured by photography.

A few years back, I switched gears somewhat to study how to organize information. I received my masters in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley’s School of Information, where I focused on UX design, technology policy, and data visualization.


Since then, I’ve been working at Salesforce, where I design AI products to improve the customer service that our own customers are able to provide to their customers. My day-to-day thus often involves thinking about new system patterns and how to design for comprehensible complexity. My technical background aids me tremendously in those endeavors.


I’m always interested in hearing what intriguing projects other people are working on, and my interest is especially piqued by those dealing with social impact, civic technology, or enterprise software.

If you're curious what it might be like to work with me, but have no idea where to start the conversation, here are some handy icebreakers for you:

  • Did I really help deliver a baby in a bathtub?

  • What's a delicious new recipe I cooked recently?

  • "The prom dress and the flame thrower"...???

  • What kinds of people did I meet while hitchhiking across New Zealand?

  • What's it like to interview Noam Chomsky?

  • Can I really judo throw a 200 lb. human over my shoulder?


If you’d like to chat about any of those things, or heck, even about UX design, write me a note at mollymahar [at] gmail [dot] com.