The Net Cost of College

Financial aid is a complex and tricky subject, and students with limited financial literacy have trouble answering the question, "How much will my education cost?"

I designed a section of the UC Berkeley student portal to clearly delineate between financial aid that must be paid back and that which is essentially free. This section serves as a student's first introduction to their financial aid package, and figures prominently in the financial section of the site. When it launches in Q1 2016, it will be used by 35,000+ students yearly.

This project, and the others I undertook during my internship, gave me valuable exposure to the challenges of working on an enterprise system. I found that I really flourish when dealing with complexity, and have a knack for "filling in the gaps," as I like to say.

Our financial aid designs, including this one, were shortlisted at the Service Design Network's 2015 international design awards.




Summer 2015

Internship project

UC Berkeley Student Information Systems Replacement